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Cadillock 3000 – the smart battery monitor

Cadillock 3000 – the smart battery monitor

  • Protects against a complete discharge of the car battery and thus against battery breakdowns
  • Interrupts the power supply if the charge level of the battery is dangerously low
  • Keeps enough energy in reserve to start the engine at any time
  • Easy to use – installation on the car battery in only 3 assembly steps
  • Increases the lifespan of the battery
  • No interference with the vehicle’s electronics
  • Extremely low power consumption (only 2 ~ 3 mA)
  • Also suitable when the car is parked for longer periods
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  • für Deutschland & Österreich
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Short description

With its patented digital monitoring system, the Cadillock 3000 constantly checks the minimum voltage level that the vehicle battery must maintain to be able to start the car. As soon as the voltage has fallen short of 11.9 V for a period of more than 60 seconds, the Cadillock 3000 automatically interrupts the vehicle power supply.

Thus the Cadillock 3000 protects your vehicle's battery from falling to a dangerously low state of charge or even being completely discharged, and reserves the necessary battery energy for an engine emergency start. Thus the Cadillock 3000 prevents your vehicle not being able to be started due to a flat battery.

By interrupting the power supply by the Cadillock 3000 the status of the car battery is very similar to the state that would be achieved by disconnecting the car battery. The electrical current is shut off.

  • For all 12 volt vehicles with petrol engine
  • For all 12 volt vehicles diesel engine (displacement to 1.600 cm³)
  • Not suitable for vehicles with start-stop system

Product images

Cadillock 3000Cadillock 3000 - Package contents


There is no interference with the vehicle’s electronics during the installation of the Cadillock 3000. The Cadillock is suitable for vehicles with and without CAN Bus.

The Cadillock 3000 can be installed in just three steps and is particularly easy and cost-effective. Only a wrench and a few minutes’ time are needed.

The Cadillock 3000 is installed directly on the car battery in 3 easy assembly steps: 

  1. Connect the positive cable of the vehicle to the pole of the Cadillock 3000.
  2. Connect the battery clamp of the Cadillock 3000 to the positive pole of the car battery.
  3. Connect the ground cable of the Cadillock 3000 to the negative pole of the car battery.


The Cadillock 3000 can only be installed in 12 volt vehicles that have only one car battery and in which the positive pole and negative pole are freely accessible.

Technical Data

Function Block Diagram

Cadillock 3000 Function Block Diagram


- SGS-certified, fireproof, non-flammable fiberglass material
- Completely water- and dust-resistant according to IP66 (International Protection Ratings)
- Dimensions: L: 64 mm x W: 81 mm x H: 25 mm

Operating voltage

9 V ~17 V

Automatic interruption of the voltage

at 11.9 V after 60 seconds

Operational temperature range

The resistance of the internal components is designed for –40 °C to +85 °C.

Storage temperature range

–40 °C to +105 °C

Max. power input

1.200 A

Power consumption

2 ~3 mA before interruption
2 ~3 mA after interruption

Continuous current

200 A

On-state resistance

1,3 mΩ


CE, E24, FCC, RoHS


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