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Cadillock Stripes – the clever mount

Cadillock Stripes – the clever mount

  • Universally applicable – two magnetic strips for the inside and outside areas (car, office, home, bicycle, workshop and much more)
  • Flexible – Cadillock Stripes can also be attached on curved surfaces
  • Incredibly strong – together the stripes can hold up to 900 g
  • Easy to separate – with a turn of the hand to the right or left
  • Long-lasting – Cadillock Stripes never lose their strength
  • Strong attachment on metal surfaces
  • Flat, small and smart – Cadillock Stripes is the clever solution for space-saving and versatile mounting
  • For gifts and advertisements – designs to measure, can be customized with text and logos
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  • für Deutschland & Österreich
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Cadillock Stripes as a smartphone fixture in the car Your smartphone directly in view Fit your smartphone to the console with Cadillock Stripes Cadillock Stripes are also suitable for bicycles Use your smartphone for navigation The protective strip can be easily removed Perfectly suitable for selfies anywhere Never misplace a remote control again Simple wall fastening for charging your smartphone Fix your brush in the bathroom Your brush, always ready to hand Save space through simple wall fastening Ideally suited for your locker Sticks to all metallic surfaces Use Cadillock Stripes in the kitchen well as numerous other applications


Designs AM-Series

Designs AP-Series

Installation and removal

  • Quick installation in 30 seconds: Clean the designated areas on the object and the intended mounting area. Then tear off the protective film on the two Cadillock Stripes and press them firmly to the desired areas. The full adhesive power is achieved after 24 hours when the glue has dried.
  • Easy to remove – thanks to the special adhesive, Cadillock Stripes do not leave any residues or traces when they are detached.
  • For cellphones, we recommend an attachment to the cellphone case.
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