Cadillock innovative technologies Cadillock innovative technologies

An innovative company with attractive products

Cadillock Technologies is an electronics company that is located in Kehl near Strasbourg in the German state of Baden-Wuerttemberg. Our innovative product range focuses on the area of vehicle security. All of our models are patented technologies. The products have been sold successfully in Germany since 2006 and are distinguished by great reliability and longevity.

Current Cadillock models

When it comes to by far the most frequent cause of breakdowns in Germany, namely battery breakdowns, we offer an innovative high-tech solution in the form of the Cadillock Smart. Through an app, the product seamlessly monitors all components of a vehicle’s power supply and if there is a danger of a battery malfunction (over- or under-voltage), the user gets an acoustic warning from the app. In addition to monitoring the power supply, the Cadillock Smart also checks the exact performance capacity of the starter battery and displays the result in four distinct stages ranging from “Battery OK” to “Replace battery”.

To prevent a battery discharge, we alternatively offer the Cadillock 3000 and Cadillock 4000 models that are highly effective and easy to install in the vehicle. Both models have a battery monitor that protects the vehicle battery against dropping to a dangerously low charge level or a complete discharge and reserve the energy the battery needs for an emergency start of the engine. The 4000 model features not only the battery monitor but also anti-theft protection through an electronic immobilizer.

As a protection against car theft, the Cadillock Alarm, which can be installed very easily in just four steps, combines a high-performance car alarm system with an effective immobilizer. Both security systems are activated simultaneously by remote control. The doors, bonnet and boot are monitored by means of a vibration sensor. The immobilizer disrupts the vehicle’s power supply and thus prevents the engine from being started even if the car key was stolen – this does not interfere with the functionality of the control devices, nor are any electric vehicle data (board computer, navigation device, etc.) deleted – but it isn’t possible to start the engine.

Expansion of the product range with the latest technology (IoT – Internet of Things)

In the spring/summer of 2019, the company will present the next generation of models based on the IoT wireless technology. The new Cadillock Smart will be enhanced with the features of the current Cadillock 4000 in a different version of the model. With IoT it will be possible, for example, to check the board voltage of a motorboat even at a distance of thousands of kilometers. The top model will also include a GPS tracker to locate the vehicle.
The new models will be designed for 12-volt vehicles in a first step; the models for 24-volt vehicles will follow a few months later.

All Cadillock models and technologies can be acquired as O.E.M. products.